Rebuild Rollers

Rebuilds are done across the entire spectrum of walk-behind compaction equipment including VIPAC machines as well as other brands.

HA Plant Maintenance has been rebuilding compaction equipment since it was established 30 years ago. The bulk of the rebuilding work comes from customers who have machines rebuilt and returned to service. The remainder comes from customers who call for rebuilt units because of the cost savings, which can be as much as 60%.

In general, a compaction machine can be rebuilt once. A second rebuild is not usually recommended, because at this stage the drums and gears need replacing, making the build prohibitively expensive.

Rebuilding compaction equipment begins with the roller being stripped completely and the individual components being checked for material integrity. All gears, flanges and other critical parts are thoroughly checked and tested. Components are re-used where possible to save costs.

However, it is critical to note that this is never done where it would compromise either the performance or the reliability of the machine.

As a rule, OEM parts are always used. Quality manufactured parts are a critical aspect when it comes to compaction equipment, since these machines operate in an extremely harsh environment.

Once the state of the machine has been assessed, a detailed quotation is provided and in some cases the customer is invited to inspect the stripped machine.

Rebuilding compaction equipment is a specialist job that cannot be undertaken by all plant workshops. It requires specialist knowledge and a fully equipped workshop. HA Plant Maintenance’s experience and insight allows the company to offer the requisite service.

When compaction machines are completely refurbished, we provide a new machine warranty.