Vipac HA390 S/P Roller

This is a specialist piece of equipment used for trench compaction, it is available in a few variables, being a smooth drum fitted with water tanks and sprinkler system, and this machine can also be used for narrow areas that require a smooth finish. The other is a profiled drum, used in trenches where the material being compacted has high clay content, and the machine requires more traction. Due to the rough finish achieved from this machine, it cannot be used where a smooth finish is required!

The other variable available on both machines is the standard belt drive system, or alternatively a chain drive system used when the trenches are deeper than the normal, and where loose material may fall into the covers and cause operational problems! This option is not always recommended, but is available on request!

All Vipac rollers are mechanical and make use of double drum synchronised vibration, meaning the vibration is from within each drum, the benefits of this is that the compaction is improved and better traction is achieved because there is always one drum with contact on the surface being compacted. It also allows for compaction on an incline steeper than that of other similar machines.