VIPAC South Africa (Pty) Ltd has been a leading supplier of the compaction market for over 35 years, and has been proudly manufacturing the VIPAC brand compaction rollers for over 20 years. With our new head offices being situated at Unit 3 Stacey Lee Industrial Park, Derick Coetzee St, Jet Park in Boksburg and sales presence throughout the country and beyond South African borders, VIPAC South Africa (Pty) Ltd, boasts excellent cover over most of Southern Africa within a days’ notice. VIPAC South Africa (Pty) Ltd boasts a great range of VIPAC pedestrian compaction rollers, from the VIPAC HA390 trench compactor that is ideal for compacting cable trenches right the way through to the VIPAC HA900 compactor that is absolutely ideal for asphalt patching and new asphalt. The VIPAC brand guarantees the highest quality compaction for a great variety of compaction needs, be it paving, foundations and the like. In keeping with VIPAC South Africa (Pty) Ltd’s policy of progressive development, VIPAC equipment with a high content of locally manufactured parts has been designed to keep maintenance costs to a minimum while producing outstanding performance. The compaction design of a low centre of gravity on VIPAC equipment ensures maximum safety and stability which guarantees stable reliable operation on any gradient and gives complete confidence to the operator. The large drum diameter provides good climbing ability, which is also complimented by the alternating impact effect as one drum always remains in contact with the ground when vibrating. VIPAC equipment follows the proven compaction principle of directional timed vibration and has the vibration in the drums for high compaction performance and optimum traction. In addition, with one side of the VIPAC roller being flush, the machine is able to operate extremely close to walls and obstructions and eliminates the need for refinishing edges and verges. Large water tanks above both drums allow for uniform water sprinkling and uninterrupted work on asphalt. VIPAC South Africa (Pty) Ltd understands the importance of producing quality workmanship in the best possible time frame once onsite. Therefore all machines are mechanically driven and have been designed to rough out the harshest conditions that Southern Africa has to offer. With easy to replace parts at cost effective prices and with very little operator training required, they maintain the highest reputation in reliability and performance. At VIPAC South Africa (Pty) Ltd, we believe that after sales support is the most important aspect of your purchase. We have a comprehensive range of spares to support all our products in their life cycle after purchase. Friendly and helpful staff is willing to put in all the extra effort in keeping your machine in prime condition, with more than 30 years in servicing our customer’s every need. We also have a prized workshop of highly trained staff in all areas of maintenance and repairs that will keep the down time of your compaction equipment down to an absolute minimum. VIPAC South Africa (Pty) Ltd, also holds a limited number of pedestrian rollers that are available for hire. We take much pride in our hire fleet and ensure the highest level of maintenance on the equipment in our hire fleet. With daily hire rates that compete with any other plant hire company; we offer the best services for excellent prices. This service also means that while your VIPAC machine is being serviced you can continue your service to your customer at the same quality and reasonable price.