Vipac HA760 Roller

The Vipac HA760 is one of our most popular machines sold, as it is a very versatile machine. It is used on many applications including soil and asphalt compaction

Weighing 905kg, it provides up to 4 tons of compaction across its two 760mm drums with layers 6 inches (120mm) thick.

All Vipac rollers are mechanical and make use of double drum synchronised vibration, meaning the vibration is from within each drum, the benefits of this is that the compaction is improved and better traction is achieved because there is always one drum with contact on the surface being compacted. It also allows for compaction on an incline steeper than that of other similar machines

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Technical Specs & Parts: HA760S

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Weight 905 kg
Dimensions 2780 × 890 × 1150 mm